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ABC SA100 (Individual tax return)


Product description

SA100 is the main tax return to notify HMRC of your income as an individual.

Supplementary forms are used to detail income from sources such as a property or savings and investments.

Most individuals can submit their SA100 tax return via the HMRC online service, however the website is not available in certain circumstances. For example, you cannot use the HMRC website to submit your return if any of the following apply to you:

  • You live overseas
  • You have income from a trust
  • You are submitting for a previous year
  • You are a minister of religion

ABC SA100 is a piece of software you can install on your computer to allow you to submit any of those cases to the HMRC. It has the same questions as the HMRC paper and online forms, and presents the data in an almost identical manner to the HMRC paper forms, except that only questions that are relevant to you (based on your responses) are presented.

Forms included

ABC SA100 includes the following supplementary forms:

  • Employments (SA102, full and short versions)
  • Ministers of Religion (SA102M)
  • Self Employment (SA103, full and short versions)
  • Partnership (SA104, full and short versions)
  • UK Property (SA105)
  • Foreign (SA106)
  • Trusts etc. (SA107)
  • Capital Gains (SA108)
  • Residence, remittance etc. (SA109)
  • Supplementary information (SA101)
  • Tax calculation summary (SA110)

Note that a small number of other scenarios are not supported see here

Tax years available


£16+VAT per individual

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