abc self assessment

Software for the tax year ending 5 April 2024 available now

HMRC Self Assessment & VAT made easy

Simple-to-use software to submit Self Assessment (SA100 or SA800) or VAT returns

Self Assessment MTD VAT bridging software

First time?
See our Guide for first time Self Assessment users or Introduction to MTD VAT

#ABC VAT Bridge

  • Submit your MTD VAT return easily & securely
  • Simple software to send your data direct to HMRC, using figures from a local spreadsheet
  • For PC (Windows 10 or above) or Mac (OS 10.11 El Capitan or above)
  • £16 (ex VAT) to submit 12 months of VAT returns

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ABC SA100 Individual tax return

  • For a better experience than the HMRC website
  • Ideal for:
    • UK taxpayers living overseas
    • Individuals with income from a trust
    • Ministers of Religion
  • For PC (Windows 10 or above) or Mac (OS 10.11 El Capitan or above)
  • £16 (ex. VAT) per individual

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ABC SA800 Partnership tax return

  • Submit the tax return for a partnership
  • Partners can be sent their partnership statement to import in to their personal return
  • For PC (Windows 10 or above) or Mac (OS 10.11 El Capitan or above))
  • £22.00 (ex. VAT) per partnership

Recent feedback from customers

"A little rusty with the tax return but jeez this software almost makes it a joy to do, almost...."

– SH

"doing my tax return terrifies me - every year - but your software makes it simple."

– sarah stacey

"Brilliant software. It made the whole process of submitting my Tax Return very, very simple. And quick. The instructions are very clear. And the customer service is exceptional - absolutely second to none. I'm very happy I found you. Thank you."

– Liz Armstrong

"Excellent software that took me through the entire process of self-assessment, including detailed explanations and adding in all relevent supplemental forms automatically as required. Submission to HMRC was instant with swift confirmation from HMRC via e-mail. ABCSA may be one of the cheaper commercial options for self-assessment, but is no less capable than the more expensive ones. Worth every penny."

– John

"I am an American who needed the 'Residence, remittance basis etc' form that was not available on HMRC's portal. abc self assessment is the closest to the TurboTax or HRBlock software I've used in the USA, though, unlike those, it doesn't hold your hand. The help is limited to linking to the HMRC forms, but it does it in a nice way. The program was robust. No crashing or glitches. The price is right; it seems honest and not scammy like some other software I considered. I will use this program again next year if needed. After searching for a long time, I can confidently recommend this to others who need to submit forms that aren't available on the HMRC website. "


"Easy to use based on the items i needed to complete. I live outside the UK but own a property in the UK and need to complete my self assessment. In the past i have had to use a courier to send a paper completion which isn't cheap and cannot always be guranteed to arrive without a delay. This software was perfect for my needs and at a good price."

– Graham